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July 9, 2017

Perhaps best known for making a pivotal role in Sex and the City, the hotel itself has certainly remained fashion's favourite for centuries since 1913 when it was first established. Tote along Christian Dior's autobiography when you make your way to Paris's most fashionably storied luxury hotel. 



If there is a match for the Savoy's well-kept secrets of the rich and fabulous in London, then Hôtel Plaza Athénée certainly can match up to it. There is a strong pungent French-style fragrance in the lobby once you enter through the gilded threshold, and most watchful eyes will come up to you almost immediately to be of assistance (unless you were there to use the loo, in which case, you might not be too awfully fond of this treatment).




I was admittedly not there for an overnighter, so I have not much to say about the rooms. However, I was there for an interview with Dior's representative, and was there for hours waiting - and being waited upon by the hotel's most famous tea sets. I definitely felt most at ease sitting by the bay windows that open out to the famous courtyard where you could see the gardens and the famous red awnings and corridors of the suites and rooms. There is a certain French snootiness to the way things were served, but then again - that is what you would expect when at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, is it not?




DEFINITELY was divine. With floaty curtains that makes you feel like you have gone to heaven, and the most exquisite and expensive ingredients used for the facials and body treatments, this is an enclave away from the world out there. You could hardly meet another person while wandering around the labyrinthine spa area, all gilded and marbled, so it seems perfect when you want to be cut off from everyone else, and just relax and enjoy a full day of spa and wellness. May I also add that Dior keeps things super exclusive at Hôtel Plaza Athénée. I believe this is the only place to get their treatments done. 



Plaza Athénée 

25 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France 




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December 3, 2017

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You know how it is - there are gorgeous pictures of the room and the view, and then you arrive to find the experience completely different. Well, with us, not anymore. LiYing has travelled the world as the Beauty Editor of Harper's BAZAAR covering the most exclusive - and lavish - launches for over five years. These adventures have brought her to the doors of many world-renowned luxury and boutique hotels.


Now she opens up the doors to this otherworldly experience, so that you can discover what is behind those glossy brass doors. Honest, insider-oriented, and with firsthand vlog-style videos, she promises no holds bar accounts of each stay she has ever had in these places.