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October 21, 2017


If you are looking for a place that embodies the grittiness of downtown New York, then Sixty SoHo is going to be your cup of tea. The journey through New York to this hotel was a sight and story to tell itself - especially if you are going from Mid Town to this other side of the city. Everything starts to whittle down, everything starts to look sootier - graffiti adorn the brick walls of unruly blocks of buildings, and even the entrance to this hotel seem at first, almost ungainly. However:



the lobby makes up for all of that dodginess. You are greeted by a very cool vibe, you know, the kind that New York exclusive clubs exude. And then you are shown to a pair of very cool elevators, and apparently, Mark Ruffalo has been sighted a couple of times there, as this hotel is popular for parties and fashion week overnighters.



 Dark. That is the first word that comes to mind when I recall my stay. There are white panels with everything else pretty in black, following in the very same vein of so many Manhattan's modern, newer hotels - minimalism, but with a sinister scent to it. The blackout curtains are most commendable, as they truly had me sleeping for over 12 hours one night, and the shower was fantastic. 


I actually also must give an honourable mention to the kettle - it is the first ever kettle I've seen with a wide enough mouth to allow me to cook some vegetables. Yes, maybe not the best idea or thing to do as a guest, but hey, a vegan has got to survive, and I absolutely loved how convenient that made my life. Also, can I just say, the postcards were a really nice touch too?


THE AREA (worth mentioning)

I had a walk around the nearby area and it is as you know it - grit, soot, and very SoHo. If you are looking for the cool crowd, it is here. If you are looking for the mobsters, they might just be lurking in one of those rundown looking launderettes as well. Disclosure - I went to a party hosted by Marc Jacobs that was hidden behind a launderette front, and lo and behold, you would never have guessed, as I did not, that behind that facade were arrays of beautiful vintage fur and velour, and a theatre that brings you right back to the 1920s. Fantastic creatures performed with pearls and jewels. It was classic Jacobs, and also, otherworldly, just like the wild creature that is New York City.


Anyway, if you are in more of a mood for, say, a normal side of NYC, there is SoHo of course, in day time. This is where you go to photograph the great architecture and shop at J Crew, marvel at the fire emergency stairways, and chill at Chobani. 


 60 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012, USA




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